Pre-Pregnancy Care and Pre-Conception Planning:

Pre-Pregnancy care consultations are the best way to ensure that you will have the healthiest pregnancy possible. These consults are the perfect way for you and your partner to ask questions and learn about your nine-month journey.

Prenatal Care:

Prenatal care is the term referring to the type of care you will be receiving during your pregnancy. These regular check-ups are designed to make sure that during the course of your pregnancy, you and your baby are strong, healthy, and happy. 

High-Risk Pregnancy Care:

Your pregnancy is called high-risk if you or your baby has an increased chance of a health problems. Many things can put you at high risk. Being called "high-risk" may sound scary. But it's just a way for doctors to make sure that you get special attention during your pregnancy. Your doctor will watch you closely during your pregnancy to find any problems early.

Well Woman Examinations:

Well, woman exams are a type of preventative care offered to women in order to keep them safe and healthy and that includes  pelvic examination, pap smears, mammogram, STD screening  and HPV immunization depending on your age.  This is also an opportunity for you and your doctor to discuss any gynecologic questions and concerns.  

Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeries:

Laparoscopic hysterectomy for treatment of heavy intractable vaginal bleeding, fibroids and abnormal pap smear, Minimally invasive removal of Ovarian Cysts, as well as Tubal Sterilization, and minimally invasive treatment for heavy vaginal bleeding through cauterization of uterine cavity with a procedure called " Endometrial ablation" , resection or removal of uterine fibroids.

Obstetrics and Pelvic Ultrasound: 

An ultrasound is a safe and painless method which produces pictures inside the body with the help of sound waves. Ultrasounds take images in real time and do not use ionizing radiation, thus there is no radiation exposure to you or your baby during your pregnancy. 

Ultrasound is the best technique for evaluation or majority of gynecologic problems, including uterine fibroids and ovarian masses or cysts. 

Contraception Counseling and implementation:

You can discuss and decide on what contraceptive method well suited for you after reviewing all the options. We will provide you all reliable short or long term including Birth control pills, patches, IUD, Depo Provera injections and Nexplanon. We also provide permanent sterilization via the minimally invasive laparoscopic procedure.

Sexually Transmitted Infection Screening and Treatment:

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), formerly know as Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), are a variety of infections that are transmitted from one person to another via sexual contact. Some STI is transmitted by direct sexual contact while others can also be transmitted via blood and other bodily fluids. 

Aesthetic and Cosmetic Services:

Cosmetic Botox and Filler injections are available  

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